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Dawn - edging ever closer to 30, although I still feel like I'm 21. :) I'm married to a youth pastor ('Big G'), and have THREE wonderful kids: a five year-old son ('Little G'), a just turned two year-old daughter ('A'), and our newest little girl blessing, Baby R, was born May 28/07!! They keep me hopping as I juggle them, my WAH part-time job as an accountant, being a pastor's wife, and of course hobbies like quilting, scrapbooking, and blogging!

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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Overcommittedness... is that a word?
Our Sunday mornings are pretty crazy around here. I think it's that way for most families who attend church Sunday mornings, and since Greg's the pastor, even more so. We usually go early and are the last ones to leave. Add to that normal busyness the fact that I'm on two out of four worship teams, so half the time I have a practice Sunday morning before the service and then lead the singing during the service. Plus I'm on the pianist rotation, so one or two Sundays a month I play piano for the hymns. And I'm on the schedule for special music every couple of months. Oh, and I'm the nursery coordinator so I often end up working in there myself rather than try to cajole someone else to do it. (Are we seeing a theme in my life of it just being easier to do things myself....?)

DH and I discussed a few months ago that I am too busy on Sundays and need to drop some committments. I think at the time we decided that I should get off one of the worship teams, and off the piano rotation. Fast-forward to now and of course I haven't done any of that. But wait, I have good reasons!! The worship team I would drop is pretty small, and the leader feels a lot of the time that maybe she should just quit because her team's too small, etc, etc, so I feel like if I said I was dropping it, that would be the last straw and she would quit and then we'd only have three teams and the other teams don't like being on more than once a month blah blah blah so the bottom line is if I drop that team I feel like I'll be letting down the entire church and ruining the happy schedule we have going now. Plus the lady that leads that team I don't think has too many friends within the church and I think she feels like we're friends since we've been doing the worship team together for a couple of years. There is one other lady that I think might be interested in playing piano for this team, but what if they don't get along, or the leader doesn't like the way this other lady plays, etc, etc. I am responsible for everyone's happiness.

LOL, given that background, I just agreed to fill in for the pianist on one of the other teams next week. :O The thing is that music is what I love, so it's hard to say no. In theory, I agree that I need to cut back, it does stress me out because I have to be watching my kids at the same time as I am playing and practicing since Greg is terribly busy on Sunday mornings. And we don't want our kids to grow up resenting church because mom and dad were both always running around crazy on Sundays.

So if everyone could send 'stand up for yourself and do what you need to do' vibes my way, maybe I can post later that I've actually done it and shaved back my commitments! Maybe.

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