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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Swimming lessons
Little G started his first set of swimming lessons last week - it sure seems like my kids are going through a lot of growing up lately! I wasn't sure how hewas going to handle the swimming as he gets pretty freaked out if water gets anywhere near his face. Sure enough, the first class they were singing some song that involved a bit of splashing as part of the actions, and Little G started shrieking hysterically as soon as the spray from someone else's splashing got near him. We tried to talk through it before we got there: "what do you do if you get water in your eyes?" "oh yeah, yeah, I wipe my eyes like this and the water will be all gone!" He sounds very convincing, but obviously he didn't remember this important lesson when the splash hit the air!

He's had three lessons now and I have to say he is doing better - last class he was really participating in the splashing songs (he still turns his head to the side while he's splashing, but heck, I do that too!), and he will relax and do the back float while his teacher is supporting him instead of frantically kicking and jerking and clutching to their neck. It's kind of hard for me to watch actually because I so understand the fear of just leaning back into the water and being 'out of control' - I vividly remember doing the exact same thing when I took swimming lessons. Big G of course grew up in Florida practically in the ocean, so he doesn't get why Little G reacts the way he does, and gets frustrated because he's told Little G that there's nothing to be afraid of, so what's the problem??

There's only two lessons left and I'm pretty sure they will recommend that Little G takes the same level over again - which I agree with, and he won't have a clue what that means, and yet my mother's heart still just wants to cry to think that he's 'failed' swimming lessons. :( Again, I remember taking swimming lessons as a child and being so embarrassed that I had to repeat the same level again. The teacher always tried to say it positively and emphasize how much I had improved in this or that area, but I always knew it was just a nice way of saying I failed.

(And yes, I am aware that I'm projecting my childhood traumas onto my own kids and I am working very hard to avoid just that! :))


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