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Dawn - edging ever closer to 30, although I still feel like I'm 21. :) I'm married to a youth pastor ('Big G'), and have THREE wonderful kids: a five year-old son ('Little G'), a just turned two year-old daughter ('A'), and our newest little girl blessing, Baby R, was born May 28/07!! They keep me hopping as I juggle them, my WAH part-time job as an accountant, being a pastor's wife, and of course hobbies like quilting, scrapbooking, and blogging!

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
'I don't like school'
Wahh! It seems like each day it's getting harder and harder to get Little G dropped off at school. Today was awful - he was hanging on me and kept saying he didn't want to stay. I stayed for about 15 minutes trying to convince him that everything was fine (during which time A ate a bunch of bright blue paint because I was too occupied with Little G to watch her properly), and eventually I peeled him off me and pushed him towards the teacher and just left. I stayed in the hall for a few minutes and I didn't hear anything, so hopefully he was okay.

I've heard the advice lots of places that that's just what you have to do with kids when they're starting school, but something about it just doesn't seem right to me. Sure, maybe after you do that a couple of times they stay without a problem, but is that because you've taught them a valuable skill or because you've destroyed their security that someone will help them if they protest and they've just given up?

I'm going to talk to his teachers today and see if they have any idea what's going on. I am not doing this all year. He's four years old, for heaven's sake!!

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