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Friday, September 22, 2006
My discourse on homeschooling
I'm sure it's come across in my posts that I am desiring to homeschool our children, at least for part of their education. My husband is not convinced - not that he's adamantly against it, but he does seem to be leaning that direction. And it certainly doesn't help that every time we start to talk about it, I have a very difficult time putting my thoughts into words and more likely than not just start crying! I feel so passionately about this for so many varied reasons that it's hard to articulate it and the feeling that his heart is not (yet?) with mine in this area makes it very emotional for me to try to discuss it.

So...I've spent the last couple of hours trying to put together a 'Why I Want to Homeschool' essay of sorts. It sounds kind of cheesy to print it out rather than just say it, but if I can get my thoughts semi-coherently down on paper, and have Big G read that, maybe it would be easier to discuss further once I knew my main points were out there.

I'm having a really hard time expressing myself, though, which is not normal for me - prayers for clarity would be appreciated! (And if anyone wants to volunteer to edit my essay, as well!) ;)


posted at 8:12 PM  

At September 24, 2006 2:17 PM, Blogger tiessen clan o five said...

Hi Dawn
I'm a fellow canuck. I live in bc, but my brother and his wife and three kids life in Alberta. Anyways I have 3 children. One just started Kindergarten at the local Christian school, one is in preschool and my oldest is being home schooled this year for grade 2. This was not an easy decision for us he had a fantastic year last year, however we just moved to a new town a small town (we lived on the coast,White Rock, near Vancouver). He needed alot of learning assistance support last year and thrived with the one -on one, however the new school could not promise me the same support. So I did not want to lose all the gains we made last year, so we chose to homeschool. I did alot of reading about this subject. One thing that helped with the decision was reading that most homeschool kids when they are tested to see how they are doing are testing 1-4 grade levels above kids who are not homeschooled. You can read abouth this study at the Fraser Institute. Is your husband worried that your kids might turn out, well how do I put this, weird. I say this because this was great fear of my husbands. I know some familes when I was growing up who lets just say were a liitle different and they were the ones who homeschooled. My thoughts on this are I think if these same kids had gone to school they probably would still be a liitle different. Home school is becoming more prevelant. We are doing a program that is teacher assisted. As far as the socialization we are putting him in lots of programs. I don't know that we will do this forever, this may be the only year. But we prayed about it and know that thie what we are supposed to do this year. Each child is so different, my daughter in Kindergarten loves school and being with her friends and just does better there. I will pray that you will have a peace about whatever decision you both make. If God wants you to homeschool I will pray that your husband will be open to it. I also read alot of blogs of moms that homeschool, that was actually helpful. Sorry I was so long winded. Hope I helped a bit. I just have a family blog right now But I am in the process of getting my own.


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