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Thursday, March 08, 2007
My husband's been away this week at a camp about four hours away, just spending some time by himself fasting and praying and just refocusing. He was supposed to be on a trip to Guinea, West Africa during this time, but due to some instabilities in that country (union strikes, martial law, missionary evacuations, etc) the trip was rescheduled for this fall. Since Big G had pretty much cleared his schedule to accommodate this trip, he was able to take this chance to get away.

He left for home late this morning, and I got a call from him around lunchtime saying that he was going to be stuck in a certain town near the camp for a while...his car had broken down. Yes, this was unexpected and obviously inconvenient, but he had such a cool story of how the power in the car suddenly cut out just as he was leaving town, and he just had enough momentum to coast onto the service road...right into the Ford dealership parking lot! (Yes, it's a Ford vehicle.)

He had to wait until the servicemen were back from lunch, but they looked at it right away, told him what it was (the alternator) and that it would be a couple of hours to put a new one in. And almost exactly two hours later, he was back on the road. To us, that is such a miracle - where we are living in the midst of booming oil country, it is sometimes a month-long wait for an OIL CHANGE! I can't imagine any dealership here accommodating an emergency that quickly!

My husband will be home in an hour or so, $400 poorer, but having benefited from yet another experience showing us how much the Lord really does take care of us and provide for us. Oh! And as a result of a large tax refund and a few other circumstances this month, we were able to pay off a couple old loans, plus having some money left over - this is the first month in a long, long time that we actually have money right at the moment to pay for an unexpected car repair like this! Usually when something happens to one of our vehicles, we end up playing 'catch-up' for a couple of months. But God knew that we were going to need the extra funds this month, and we will be able to pay it right away without having to 'figure out' how we will be able to do it.

Just rejoicing in His goodness today amidst a situation that could have been so much worse!!

posted at 5:08 PM  

At March 09, 2007 1:39 PM, Blogger Kimberly said...

It's just a wonderful blessing to be able to find the happiness in an unhappy situation, isn't it?

At March 13, 2007 4:36 PM, Blogger Sista Cala said...

I'm glad your husband used the time off to re-fuel for the days ahead.Who but God knows how his days of reflection,prayer, and fasting (now) will impact the lives he will meet when he does make the trip.

Many times when plans have fallen through, I have gotten upset and just fidgeted the time away being aggravated instead doing something constructive.
Your post is yet another reminder from God, for me to use my time wisely. Thanks


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