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Friday, September 14, 2007
Kids' chores carnival
Chilihead is hosting (make that was hosting since it's already Friday, I'm nothing if not prompt) a great carnival about kids' chores and allowance. I certainly can't claim to have this all figured out, especially since my kids are still so young, but I do have a few thoughts on this topic.

My main opinion about kids' chores is start them young - helping out the family should be expected. My just turned two year-old sets the table for dinner regularly, and helps clean up her toys most nights (although I admit, sometimes I just don't have the energy to enforce this and do it myself after she's in bed). Along with this is that kids should be responsible for their own things and actions - when something gets spilled (which happens more often than you can imagine, I think they've inherited my clutziness), both the older kids either help me clean it up or clean it on their own - not as punishment, but just as a being responsible for your own actions type of teaching.

Generally I think kids are capable of doing far more in the area of chores than we give them credit for. Yes, it takes some time (and a heap of patience) to teach a two year-old to use the dustbuster or put away cutlery, and yes, it would certainly be faster to do it yourself the first ten times or so, but eventually it will pay off and you will actually be saving time, as well as teaching your kids responsibility and a good work ethic.

Now, in the area of allowance I'm clueless, lol!!! Little G just turned five, so we're just starting to think about this topic. We've mentioned several times in the past year or so that we really need to start doing something to teach him about money and stewardship, but we just haven't figured out what our method will be - I'm hoping to get some great ideas from all the other carnival participants!

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