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Dawn - edging ever closer to 30, although I still feel like I'm 21. :) I'm married to a youth pastor ('Big G'), and have THREE wonderful kids: a five year-old son ('Little G'), a just turned two year-old daughter ('A'), and our newest little girl blessing, Baby R, was born May 28/07!! They keep me hopping as I juggle them, my WAH part-time job as an accountant, being a pastor's wife, and of course hobbies like quilting, scrapbooking, and blogging!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
All grown up
Big G and I have recently come to the realization that with three kids, two vehicles, and a mortgage...we're, um, all grown up now! Sometimes it's hard to remember that we're not two carefree college kids anymore, and that we really need to be thinking about life insurance, wills, and the like.

I am fortunate that my parents took out a life insurance policy for me when I was born, so I have a fully paid up policy in my name worth a fair amount. Big G has a policy at work worth two years' salary, but we've gotten to wondering if that's really enough. That amount would just be enough to pay off our house mortgage, but if, heaven forbid, something did happen to him, we would need more than just the house paid off - I wouldn't want to have to go to work right away in order to feed our family.

We've started to look into the different options - whole life or term policies, what amount, and how to get the cheapest insurance rates. We're still looking around, but I feel like at least we're working on it. It's something that's kind of uncomfortable to think about, but if the unthinkable did every happen, we don't want to make an awful situation worse by the survivor having to worry about money.

Next up...wills. I have NO idea who we would name as guardians of our kids (parents too old, sister doesn't even have custody of her own kids, all our close friends have a lot of kids of their own, etc) so that's really the thing that's holding us up there.

This being an adult is hard work! ;)

posted at 8:49 AM  

At October 30, 2007 2:23 PM, Blogger Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Thanks for stopping by. We do have alot in common...the best being that we love being stay-at-home moms!

Life insurance & wills - yuck. We have all of our stuff in order, but it is not something fun to think about. I really wanted to know where my children would be going and that there would be enough $$$ for them to be well-cared for. We had a similar problem deciding where they should go and we have chosen my best friend. Since deciding, their family has grown from 3 kids to 6 and ours has grown from 1 to 3. I don't know that it's the best solution, but I know that they will be in a family that loves Jesus as we do and that is most important to us.

BTW...whole life is not a great option. Go term, is my advice.


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