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Sunday, November 11, 2007
I've got the reading blues
I love reading. Always have. My parents used to bemoan the fact that buying me a book for Christmas was hardly worth the cost since I would dive into the pages immediately upon receiving it, and proceed to read it straight through, with a possible pause for a brief moment to shovel in some food. :) I rarely had a Christmas book gift unread after Boxing Day. (Um, that's December 26th for those who don't celebrate that Holy Shopping Day!)

There is a but, however. I love reading but...I have a very difficult time separating reality from fiction while I'm in the midst of a book. I am extremely emotionally affected by the characters and situations I read. Today I just finished My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok - a wonderful book. Yet tonight I am on edge and 'cranky,' in my darling husband's words. ;) I am too 'in my head,' if that makes sense to anyone else: I am mulling over the story, feeling the protagonist's passion and anguish myself. I even become a little bit unaware of what is actually going on around me; all the noise feels as though it's crowding out the more important thoughts and feelings inside.

I'm at a loss for what (if anything) to do about this. I don't know that I could make myself be less emotionally invested in the books I read. And I don't think that quitting reading would be the solution, either, since it's something I really love doing. I'm not keen on explaining to Big G the reason for my moodiness - I'm afraid he may cut me off from my books!

Do you get overinvolved in what you're reading? Are there certain types of books you have chosen to stay away from to protect yourself emotionally?


posted at 9:33 PM  

At November 12, 2007 8:47 AM, Blogger ValleyGirl said...

Oh, I'm so relieved to hear I'm not the only one with this affliction!! Music can actually do that do me, too. For me, it's definitely worse since our second daughter was born -- I guess that event permanently screwed up my emotional wiring or something. I very definitely pick up the 'vibes' of the main character of the book I'm reading. Hmmmmm, maybe I should read something about a motivated homemaker...

At November 12, 2007 1:23 PM, Blogger Dawn said...

LOL - if you find something that could inspire us to be a motivated housekeeper, let me know!!

It's good to hear that I'm not the only one like this - I get pretty moody after listening to some types of music as well.

At November 13, 2007 8:31 AM, Blogger Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Books seem to have that affect on me as well. If I read good, down-to-earth books about amazing women, they seem to inspire me to be a great wife & mom.

I am also a HUGE cryer. I can feel people's pain...even pretend people. Give me a sappy book and a box of tissue and I'm set.

At November 13, 2007 3:33 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

I randomly came across your blog and I had to laugh because I do the same thing with books. I read a lot, and every time I finish a good book or series, I go through a little "depression" that it's over. My husband finds it hilarious that I mourn the end of a book, but I can't help it. I usually have to take a few days off before I can start another book again. I guess I feel like I'm betraying it in a way by starting a new one.


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